Reconstruction of the synagogue

The project is aimed to restore the historical structure of the Synagogue that is unique for the Voronezh region, a monument of the Jewish religious architecture of the early XX century

Memory and Honor

The project involves creation of a website and electronic database of graves in the Jewish cemeteries in Voronezh and Borisoglebsk.

Memory of The Holocaust

The project is dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. The project involves organizing and conducting a series of events aimed to identify solutions for the problems of today’s youth attitude to Anti-Semitism and other issues of international relations.

Children’s Leisure and Development Center “Shemesh MATANEL”

Opened in early 2013 in order to organize leisure activities for children aged 3 to 6 years old, whose parents are interested in jewish religious education for the children

Sunday School

Voronezh Jewish Sunday school there for about 20 years. As part of the program every Sunday there are classes for: Hebrew, Traditions, Music and Dance, Arts and Acting.

Young Jewish Club

The club organizes various educational and entertainment activities for young people.


A charity organization providing assistance and support to those in need.


Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Support ties with the Jewish Diaspora”

Projects in progress:

“Know Israel,” “Israel and the Diaspora”

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