Synagogue of Voronezh

   Synagogue of Voronezh

The Jewish Community of Voronezh

Synagogue – prayer minyan, short lessons on Halacha.

Torah – the Sabbath on contemporary topical problems in the field of Jewish law.

Express Course of Judaism – a course covering the majority of Judaism – the calendar weekdays, history, family, the Torah written and oral, etc.

There are permanent and temporary mikvah in Voronezh and in the village Vysokiy.

Kosher Shop.

Spend Jewish wedding under the chuppah and Brit Mila.

Children’s Center “Shemesh-Matanel” full-time to the study of the Jewish tradition and kosher food for a full day.

Sunday school for children of school age with learning holidays and traditions of our people.

Jewish youth club – sport, clubs, evening the Jewish cinema, travel, Awdal, themed games, Organization of holidays.

Memory and respect – the maintenance of order and the implementation of improvement of Jewish cemeteries of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk.

Memory opposing their oblivion – a program dedicated to the study of the history of the Holocaust. two educational trip to Poland in the memorial complex of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was organized in the framework of the program.

Museum – the creation of an interactive multimedia museum “History of the Voronezh province from its origins to modern days.”

Fundraising – the program created in the community grants and fundraising department, carrying out activity on attraction of external financial resources for community projects, to increase its material and technical base and the implementation of projects to improve the social role and the importance of community in the region.

Charity: organization Chesed Nechama and Yad la hall.

School Volunteers – attracting and training volunteers to work in the community projects.

Classes in the dance circle – songs in Hebrew and Yiddish.


Available in the newspaper.

Conducted public services and concerts.

Rabbi – Avigdor Moshe Nosikov

Head Of Community – Konishchev Viktor

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